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The ACT Safer Driver Course

The ACT Safer Driver Course is available for learners aged under 25 at the time their Learner licence was issued. It consists of a theory component of 2.5 hours in a workshop environment followed, within a few days, by a Part Two practical driving component. The course the is aimed at reducing risky driving behaviors before driving solo. The practical driving component is undertaken with an ACT Accredited Instructor and is included in the price of the Course. This course will provide participants with TWENTY HOURS towards their required driving hours. Course cost is $179 total. Pay online securely at the time of booking by PayPal or Credit or Debit Card.

Please note, this Course is scheduled to run once Every Two Weeks on a Sunday morning online from 11:50am to 2:30pm (check available dates on the booking calendar). Part Two (the practical driving with an Accredited Instructor) will be arranged following completion of Part one. This will take place within a few days of completing Part One. Alterntively you can choose to do the “COMBO COURSE”  which includes the Safer Driver Course and will give you 30 HOURS towards your required hours.

Why is there a Safer Driver Course?

– Research has shown that young drivers are at greatest risk of crashing in the first six months of independent driving. Younger drivers in the ACT (aged 15-29 years) remain disproportionately represented in casualties, being 35% of all vehicle controller casualties, but only 24% of licence holders. Please note, we are only doing online courses.
– This course builds your awareness of safe driving behaviours and attitudes that lead to better resilience and low risk driving choices. This will help you become a safer driver as you progress to a provisional licence and independent driving.
– The sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging. You need to participate in all the activities and discussions to get the most out of this course.
– Successful completion of this course counts as 20 of your required driving hours.


By the end of this workshop, you will:
– understand that you’re at the highest risk of crashing when you first transition from supervised to independent driving.
– understand that you can reduce your risk of crashing by adopting safe driving behaviours, minimising risk taking, and making low risk on-road decisions.
– understand your vulnerabilities and the relationship between typical poor novice driving behaviours (such as following behaviour, gap selection, hazard perception, speed selection and distraction) and increased crash risk.
– understand and build resilience to the effect that peer influence and passenger behaviour can have on crash risks.
-develop strategies to address risks such as driving at night, drugs and alcohol, and general lifestyle pressures that can lead to speeding, driver distraction and fatigue.

Eligibility to participate

All participants must have held their Learner Licence (or some other type of licence) for a period of at least THREE MONTHS. Your Learner Licence must show that you were under the age of 25 at the time it was issued (or renewed).
How much driving experience should I have before taking this Course ?
It is recommended that participants have at least 30 hours with a driving supervisor OR 10 hours with an Accredited Driving Instructor

What can I expect ?

The Safer Driver Course consists of a Part One two-and-a-half- hour workshop and a Part Two practical driving session with an Accredited ACT Driving Instructor. Please be aware that this practical session is not a driving lesson. The second part, the practical drive, unlike other Providers, will be conducted between an Accredited ACT Instructor and yourself only. You will not be sharing the vehicle, during the practical drive, with other students, unlike most other Providers. We have decided that this is the best way to go during these uncertain times. The objective of this Course is to reduce the risk of participants being involved in an accident, before graduating to their P-Plates, by observing, then practicing low-risk driving techniques. 

What are my requirements in order to complete the Course?

Two things: a) active participation in the Course and b)  completion of the practical driving session within a 30-day period of completing the workshop. We aim to complete Part two within a few days of completing the Workshop if convenient to both parties.

What do I do after successfully completing the Course ?

You will be issued with Course completion certificate which you can then take to Access Canberra, together with proof of identity and proof of residency and your Logbook.  You will then be credited with 20 hours of ACT logbook experience.
For real value, consider doing the Combo package above and receive 30 of your required hours.

What do I need to bring with me to the course ?

  • Your ACT Driver Licence.
  • Have something to write with and some paper handy.

Course Cost $179

Completing this Course will provide participants with 20 hours towards their required driving hours

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Based on 237 reviews
Lily Jennings
Lily Jennings
So helpful and lovely, such good teachers! Thankyou for helping me!
Owen Thomas
Owen Thomas
William was an excellent instructor, providing numerous relatable examples to help understand the content. Would highly recommend.
Adones jess Lupiba
Adones jess Lupiba
Im fully confident to recommend this amazing team 100% as they are so dedicated to insure that we’re gonna be fully ready to go on track as a new learners on the road. Specially Ms Anthea for such an awesome mentor/educator as we finish the course. May God Blessed you all and more powers on the future ahead Cheers guys
SP Senanayake
SP Senanayake
I got 35/35 for the test under the guidance of Anthea. Thanx dear
Maureen Remorin
Maureen Remorin
Engaging and very informative course! I have enjoyed it more so in the convenience of being at home. Anthea is amazing .
Gabby F
Gabby F
i completed my learner license course with Learner Driver Courses and i must say this was a super easy, accessible and reliable program. i highly recommend. thank you for all the support!
Ahmed Yar Asghar
Ahmed Yar Asghar
Amazing experience Prefer everyone to buy Pllc and special thanks Anthea and will .
Bailey S (BattlingElk)
Bailey S (BattlingElk)
Did the Pre-Learner Course. It was so easy while also being completly online. I loved every second of it with Anthea, a great teacher while aslo being welcoming to evryone in her class.

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